Maor Cohen

With a strong business background, Maor has worked the past years to accelerate growth for leading companies in the tech industry. Maor led industry-changing products towards true mass adoption, founded Kindite in 2017 and is operating today as it's and CEO.

Posts by Maor Cohen:

Data Privacy

Digital Trust - More Than Just a Security Goal

Data security should be a cross-organization concern. Learn more about how digital trust builds the...

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Data Privacy Data Protection

BDSG-new - 5 Things Every CIO Must Know

BDSG is not one of the shiniest or newest of privacy regulations. However, CIOs have to get...

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Cloud Encryption Data Protection

A Modular Approach to Cloud Data Protection

When companies choose to store data in the cloud, they also assume the responsibility for securing...

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Data Privacy Data Sovereignity

Complying with CCPA - Data Sovereignty, Privacy, and Cloud Computing

Regulatory authorities across the world have updated privacy laws. This has significant...

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